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Bert and Jurriaan
group meeting

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Sven Askes nominated for the “C.J. Kok public award”
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The Master’s program in ‘Chemistry and Science Based Business’ at Leiden University prepared Sven Askes for a career in business. But after obtaining his master’s degree, he couldn’t resist the offer of a PhD position in photochemistry.

“I became interested in photochemistry while I was still in high school,” Sven Askes explains. “So, I’m happy that I’m now working on photodynamic therapy to treat cancer.”
His first publication, in Angewandte Chemie, was reason to nominate him for the title of Researcher of the Year.

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CASC and MCBIM on biomass conversion in Leiden University Weekly

Lies Bouwman (MCBIM) and Marc Koper (CASC) were interviewed by “Mare” about their recent work funded by Catchbio and published in ChemSusChem: 

ERC Starting Grant voor chemicus Dennis Hetterscheid

De Leidse chemicus Dennis Hetterscheid krijgt een ERC Starting Grant voor onderzoek naar de omzetting van zonlicht in duurzame en op grote schaal transporteerbare energie. Hij wil dit bewerkstelliggen met op de natuur geïnspireerde katalysatoren.

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EchoStip grant for Dennis Hetterscheid
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Dennis Hetterscheid has received an EchoStip grant from the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO) for one PhD student

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