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Sylvestre Bonnet lid van de Young Academy of Europe

Chemicus dr. Sylvestre Bonnet is uitgenodigd om toe te treden tot de Young Academy of Europe. Het selectiecomité en het bestuur van de Young Academy steunen zijn lidmaatschap unaniem, zo staat in een brief aan Bonnet.

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MCBIM ran for UAF
Team MCBIM for UAF (picture taken by Pim Rusch)

Mercedes, Vincent, Bianka and Lies represented MCBIM at the Science Run! It was a great event, we enjoyed ourselves and did our best to run a good time. We were awarded with a 44th position in the ranking AND collected 265 euro for UAF. We thank our sponsors for their support.

First chemistry students selected as PhD's in HRSMC/NWO excellence programme
Hans de Bruijn (left) and Kaj van Vliet showing their HRSMC Excellence Master Certficate; Photo Hanne Nijhuis

Talented master's students write their own PhD proposals

The Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry has honored two proposals for PhD research written by chemistry students Hans de Bruijn (Leiden University) and Kaj van Vliet (VU University Amsterdam). Both students, who recently received their master's degree with honours (cum laude), wrote their proposal as part of the special HRSMC master's programme for talented chemistry students. They will start their PhD research later this year, financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO.

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Vincent van Rixel bij de Nacht van Kunst & Kennis
Vincent van Rixel

De derde editie van de Nacht van Kunst & Kennis op 19 september was groter dan ooit en trok een recordaantal van 5.500 bezoekers. Bijdragen vanuit de faculteit komen van o.a. Vincent van Rixel.

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