Research training project agreement form & Colloquium attendance form

The "Research training project agreement form" for MSc students is available for download on the LIC Master programmes website.

The "Colloquium attendance form" can be found in the Colloquium section on the LIC Master programmes website

Research training projects in the MCBIM group

Contact person: Sylvestre Bonnet,

Bachelor and master students of all chemistry related studies are more than welcome to take part in our research activities. We have various research projects, all in one way or another involving transition metal ions. Daily supervision in the laboratory usually is taken care of by a PhD student or a postdoc; on a regular basis work discussions will be organised with one or two of the staff members. 

For more information on the different subjects: have a look at the personal pages of our PhD students and postdocs, or the projects section.

MST students can take part in our regular LO1-3 projects and can apply for a research position for an LO4 project of 18 ec.

Chemistry master students that have completed their bachelor studies in chemistry or molecular sciences (MST, LST and BFW), as well as HLO students with a bachelor degree can enroll in our chemistry master research tracks ‘Chemical Biology' or 'Energy & Sustainability'. Master students should select one of the staff members to act as their mentor; in a first meeting with the mentor the global study programme will be discussed.

HLO students with a background in synthetic/organic chemistry (or for certain projects: analytical chemistry) can do a research project in our group for a 4-9 month period, depending on the guidelines of your school.

Exchange students with a background in synthetic/organic chemistry can do a research project in our group ranging from a 10 week period in summer to a 5-6 month period during the academic year. Please contact Mrs. Gloria Schildwacht of the International Exchange Office: